Terms Of Use

King Arthur’s LakeFront Resort is a family orientated vacation destination. It is our commitment to provide a comfortable and relaxing RV experience for all of our guests. We respectfully ask that the following regulations be observed at all times on park property.

Park Regulations

  • Lake permits fishing of boats no larger than 10 horsepower.
  • Water levels will fluctuate through the year.
  • Swimming and boating are done at your own risk, life jackets are mandatory 
  • All children must be supervised at all times including swimming.
  • Only 2 vehicles per site. Extra vehicle parking in compound area.
  • No parking on grass at any time.
  • No building of anything outside the lot.
  • All decks and roofs will be on skids or moveable at any time
  • No collecting of bottles or cans on park property.
  • The right to farm will be in the area at all times.
  • Quiet time is 11:00 p.m. to 7:00a.m.
  • Be respectful and considerate to all others around you in the park.
  • Guests are the responsibility of the lot holder, and must leave no later than 11:00 p.m.
  • Keep the lot clean and tidy.No loud music is permitted at any time.
  • ATV’s\Quads are not permitted on park property at all.
  • Please use provided garbage cans and use our recycle program.
  • Only proper firewood is allowed on park property.
  • Please throw cigarette butts in fire pits and sunflower seed shells in cans or containers.
  • Do not leave fire unattended at any time
  • Fires are only permitted in fire pits in designated areas in your lot 
  • Make sure fire is out before going to bed.
  • Keep your pets on a leash at all times
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet anywhere in the park and area

Lot Bookings

  • Park opens May 1 and closes September 30
  • September 1st – $600 plus GST down payment to hold the same lot for the following year with the remainder to be paid by April 1 of the following year. CANCELLATIONS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Water Sewer, and garbage removal are included. Power is metered and seasonal lot holders will be billed monthly according to usage.
  • All lots are 20amp and 30amp receptacles.(Please note-Lot#’s 111-120 AND 191A-242 have been configured for Motorhomes and are wired with a 20,30 and 50 Amp breaker Service).
  • Please be advised that management reserves the right to evict any lot holder if the rules are not abided by.
  • Management assumes no responsibility for loss or damage of RV’s or vehicles.
  • Management reserves the right to amend, revise and add to the park rules and regulations at any time.